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Kitty Hawk Security was founded with the goal to be a resource for other businesses trying to navigate the current landscape of cyber corruption.  We're a surveillance team, a sophisticated band of crime stoppers.  We know our premier AI solution works.

It's almost unbelievable that with the right software you and your entire organization can be safe.  Doesn't everyone, want to feel safe and secure? It's the only time we can truly relax.

Everyone's aware of the avalanche of cyber threats.  This is not paranoid or delusional, these are real threats, nobody is safe. These attackers are smart, they are relentless...

There are gangs out there who's sole mission is to produce malware. They won't stop until their mission is complete, crippling productivity and extorting money.  It's stressful finding the qualified talent to fight those threats.

We protect systems using AI to anticipate future attacks however, we don't see any other security companies focused on AI safety in quite this way.

We're passionate about educating anyone with questions about artificial intelligence or machine learning.  AI is not just for big corporations. We can customize a security plan for any office, home or small business.  

Let our team explain why our approach is innovative.

- Danielle Costa - Founder