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  1. * No signatures or updates required
  2. * Pre-execution prevention in under 100ms
  3. * Controls tools used in lateral movement
  4. * Machine learning with predictive analysis
  5. * No daily scans required
  6. * Optional PCI compliant low footprint disk scan
  7. * Able to watch for new, moved, or changed files
  8. * Autonomous prevention
  9. * Rejects potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)
  10. * Reboot and system startup protection
  • * Silences memory misuse
  • * Stops exploitation
  • * Halts process injection
  • * Blocks privilege escalation
  • * Compatible with other AVs or low level services
  • * Easy exclusion configurations
  • * Stops unauthorized PowerShell
  • * Stops unauthorized Active Scripts
  • * Stops risky VBA macro methods
  • * Stops PowerShell one-liner attacks
  • * Easy exclusion lists by location
  • * Whitelist scripts by script hash
  • * Whitelist scripts by signed scripts
  • * Stops weaponized documents
  • * Stops fileless attacks
  • * Application Protection provides device binary lockdown for fixed function devices
  • * Allows for exclusion path that could permit new software to install
  • * Prevents modification of any binary, even good ones
  • * Allows for change windows
  • * Prevents bad binaries
  • * Provides full control over binaries
  • * Provides control over use of USB mass storage devices
  • * Helps prevent the exfiltration of data through removable media
  • * Low memory utilization 60-80mbs
  • * 1-3% CPU utilization
  • * Installation does not require a reboot

The ability to quickly detect threats and initiate a response can make the difference between a small compromise and a massive, headline-stealing breach. Unfortunately, many of the security products in the market today that promise speedy threat detection and response are built on an infrastructure that is prone to latency issues, false positives, and limited enterprise-wide visibility.

Every endpoint in your organization acts as its own virtual security operations center with the ability to dynamically detect threats and take response actions without human intervention, around the clock. Your security team can now focus on investigating advanced threats, improving your overall security infrastructure, or any other business critical project, with the confidence that the CylanceOPTICS this product keeps the endpoint, and the business, secure.

The CylanceOPTICS Context Analysis Engine (CAE) is a high-performance analysis and correlation engine that monitors events as they occur on an endpoint in near real time to identify malicious or suspicious activities. With the engine deployed on the endpoint, this 24x7 monitoring occurs with zero reliance on, or need for, a cloud connection. Without requiring an active network connection to make intelligent decisions, the CAE’s architecture allows you to monitor multiple suspicious behavior paths continuously without posing potential performance impacts.

  • Web-based, on-demand, root cause analysis of attacks blocked by CylancePROTECT. Easily identify dynamic Threat Detection with a powerful instant notification when suspicious activity is detected on any endpoint.

  • Customize automated response actions associated with rule sets to eliminate the dwell time between threat detection and incident response action
  • This product is built for high performance architecture scalability and can be used as a replacement for On-Prem hardware.

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